Oval -57

This bagged 57 oval was built in 2006 and is propably the first airride vw in Finland.

This car had been sitting for some time at the backyard of the last known owner of this car. He owned the car over 30 years in due time. Then in may 2006 this guy  decided to sold it which makes Joni 3rd owner of this 1957 oval.

The car was on the move last time at 1970´s (1975) and was left standing later on 1977. As you may guess 30 years standing under the open sky and woods doesn´t make that good for a car (The metal and moisture just doesn´t mix). 

So at this point the car was just a little too rusty to get painted and polished (which was not ment to be done at the first place) so decision was made to left the exterior "as is" and concentrate all the recources on other things.

The plan was simple: Make it Low and make it with a CAPITAL "L". 

The whole story of this project can be found at: (Sorry, Finnish)