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GPS tracking device

Would you like to have extra safety with your car agains the burglers and all?
We have GPS tracking device that tracks the movements of your car. You can always see where your car is located at.

Also we have this little fun "VW's on map" website where all the tracked vw's can be seen on map in real time. Interested? Get in touch and ask more or order the device directly.

The installation is very easy; just connect 2 wires (to positive and negative battery terminal) and thats all!

Is your car running 6 volt system?
No worries, we have adapter available that can supply required 12v voltage to gps tracker.
Just ask about that when ordering!

Works worldwide!
The gps tracker works worldwide and it includes SIM card for data transfers.

Price: 59€/device (one-time device fee)
+5,9€/month for mapping costs (billed annually).
So for example for 6 active months/year the total yearly subscriotion is just: 35€/year.

GPS tracking device